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Who We Are

First and foremost, we are welding people. We understand the processes that need to be applied to your parts and the tools

that present them.


Seconn Automation is piloted by a powerful group of welding professionals with automation experience. More than half of our

staff has advanced experience in the welding and cutting industry. Combined with an innovative mechanical, controls and electrical engineering staff, we bring to market the people and capabilities

that provide winning solutions.


Seconn Automation is associated with the strongest brands of automated components, such as: ABB Robotics, Kuka Robotics, Weldlogics, Fronius Welding systems, Koike Positioning, Jetline,

and Buggo.


"Seconn Automation has special expertise in the development of automated solutions for the welding and cutting industry which is fueled by the force of its team, a core group of key individuals who have worked together in a similar capacity for upwards of 20 years.  We are all cross-trained to handle every facet of the operation.  Seconn Automation is naturally geared for success and achieves its mission through diverse, sustainable strategies that employ tomorrow’s technology today with a strong ethical, entrepreneurial spirit that partners well with our customers, vendors and employees.”

Our Philosophy

At Seconn Automation, we believe that successful automation initiatives create global competitive advantages, even in areas where labor costs traditionally prohibit manufacturing attractiveness.


From lean manufacturing principles to inventory optimization and cycle time reduction, the application of automation has become synonymous with competitive advantage, efficiency and continuous improvement.


We provide a wide variety of solutions for manufacturing through

ground-up development of semi, flexible, and fully automated systems integrated by a strong group of accomplished industry veterans.


The application of these measurable automated solutions provides manufacturing companies with the tools that create gaps between those who are innovative and those struggling for success.


Seconn Automation professionals utilize manufacturing, mechanical,

and control engineering platforms, as well as factory trained sales

and service personnel.




• July 2003 – Seconn Fabrication opens with 8 individuals at 5,000 sq. ft.

• 2005 – Grows to 25,000 sq. ft. and 24 employees

• 2006 – Purchase Sears warehouse at 40,000 sq. ft.

• 2008 – Adds additional 25, sq. ft. with 51 employees

• 2009 – Purchase additional facility, Crown Manufacturing at 25,000 sq. ft.

• June 2011 – Opens Automation Group with 76 employees

• 2012 – Automation moves to its own facility with fabrication capability

• 2013 – Launches own line of pre-engineered cells with robot autonomy

• 2014 Expands manufacturing space to 25,000 square feet





“Today's demanding manufacturing climate

requires innovation through automation.”



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